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Ju Jitsu (from Japanese, "gentle art"), uses holds, chokes, throws, trips, joint locks, kicks, and atemi (strikes to vital body areas). The techniques are gentle only in the sense that they are directed towards deflecting or controlling an attack; however, they can maim or kill. Ju Jitsu is basically a 'defensive' art, more suitable to self defense than most other martial arts, many Police forces worldwide teach forms of  Ju Jitsu techniques to their officers.

Ju Jitsu was the martial art used by the Japanese Samurai, and as such also often includes weapons techniques, such as Sword, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Kama and Sai.

It's generally accepted as one of the oldest martial arts, and many later forms have been derived from it, in particular both Judo and Aikido were directly adapted from Ju Jitsu in fairly modern times. Karate also has much in common, with the Wado Ryu style being founded by a 10th Dan Ju Jitsu Master.

Assuming you are interested in Martial Arts for purposes of self defense, it obviously doesn't matter where the techniques actually come from, and many (if not most) modern martial artists will happily adapt techniques from another art. Self defense is all about saving your own life, and 'borrowing' techniques can only increase your options in a given situation. Amongst students who train with us, we have holders of Black Belts in Karate and Kung Fu, and have actually  had Kung Fu courses taught on Grading days.

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