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Battery Discharge Tests.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)A while ago I carried out discharge tests on a number of different AA size batteries, the test was quite simple - two AA cells in series feeding a 200mA torch bulb. The voltage was monitored with an A2D connected to my PC and the results plotted as a graph, the resulting graphs can be seen here Goto Discharge Graphs

Eprom programmer.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)This zip file contains a circuit diagram and software (including Turbo Pascal source) for programming 2764/128/256 EPROM's. I didn't write this, I found it on the web, but can't remember where (and there's no link in the file), so I've included it here.  Download EPROG.ZIP 109K

Kenwood In-Car CD player modfications.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)There are various problems with trying to play CDR's in car CD players, Kenwood have issued the following technical bulletin about modifications to help the problem.

"We are now being asked regularly about the playability of CDR's on Kenwood CD players. The bottom line is that many CDR machines record discs poorly or outside the 'Red Book' CD specification.

Due to the nature of CD players and their tracking gain, home Hi-Fi will nearly always play the disc, however, car Hi-Fi is very different.

Car Hi-Fi needs the gain to be set to allow operation under shock and vibration conditions. This is far more critical of discs outside the 'Red Book' specification, hence the customer will happily explain, 'It plays OK at home, but not in my car.'

The following are circuit changes that can be made to allow poor quality CDR's to play on any car CD player, however, the unit will be slightly more prone to skipping. It's a compromise."

I've scanned the circuit in, click here to download it -  Download 26K)

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