A Cybot Radio Control PIC RX Board

Following on from my original PIC board, I've now started to develop a UHF radio control link, to provide Cybot with a versatile remote control system. This page describes the construction of the PIC receiver board, the software and transmitter board are described on the transmitter page.

The PIC receiver board is basically identical to the original one, but the board is six rows longer, giving room for the UHF receiver module. Again I've used a crystal (this time a low profile one), but you could use a ceramic resonator if you wished. The radio module can be ordered from RS Components at http://rswww.com - the matching transmitter is part number 376-6539. They cost just over 20+vat, and work at 433MHz FM, give up to 250 meters range, and provide up to 9600 baud data rate.
Parts List
UHF Receiver RS 376-6545
Processor PIC16F84
Crystal 4MHz
C1, C2 10pF
C3 10uF
Connector 7 way
Veroboard 19 by 24
This is a picture of the bottom of the partly constructed board, the connector, wire links, and IC socket have been fitted. The breaks in the tracks can be clearly seen.
This shows the top view of the same board, notice the six wire links!. The green dots show where the next components fit, the 4MHz crystal, and it's two associated 10pF capacitors.
This is the top view with the other components fitted, this is identical to my first board - so you can use these instructions this far to build the first board. The light green dots show the next component locations, with the red dot signifying the positive end of C3. The blue lines show where the five wire links fit.
Now we have the extra parts fitted for the radio link, once again the track breaks can be easily spotted.
This is a top view of the board with all the components fitted, the veropin five rows up at the extreme right of the board is for the aerial to connect to. The wire links don't show up too well on this picture, there are actually two to the left of the radio module, these connect the ground pins of the module (pins 2, 7, 11), the long one to the right of the module connects the 5 volt supply (pins 1 to 15). They can be seen better as the blue lines in the last picture of the top side of the board.
Download transmit routine Download receive routine
Download MK 2 routine
Download PWM routine

Cybot graphics used by kind permission of Eaglemoss
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